Personal Lifestyles

Our personal lives deeply affect others in the struggle for global justice.  We need to lead by example in our lifestyle at home and in the community, including engaging with localised alternatives such as the Transition Town Movement.


Eco-congregation, Module 04 - Children and Creation Care
Eco-congregation, Module 05 - Young People and Environmental issues
Eco-congregation, Module 06 - Resources for small groups
Eco-congregation, Module 10 - Lifestyle Issues
Eco-congregation, Module 11 - Community Matters
Eco-congregation, Module 12 - Global neighbours

Eco-schools website.
Generation Green for schools, run by British Gas.

Green Communities is a programme from the Energy Saving Trust.

Information about Transition Towns.
Christian Ecology Link have a 'Churches in Transition' campaign, to help people involved in churches in Transition Towns to help each other.

Christian Ecology Link also have an 'Ecocell' programme, promoted as a journey or pilgrimage to be travelled by groups of friends, neighbours, or church or faith group members.
CEL also have a page of resources on their website, including a popular leaflet on "Nine Ways to live gently on the earth" (pdf, 451kb).

Leaflets and magazine articles from Devon Churches Green Action.

TearFund run a Carbon Fast during Lent.

European Christian Environmental Network, "Beyond climate change: Flow", a ten minute film on the impact of our material lifestyle on the environment, and how we could use materials and technology more sustainably to maintain our quality of life.

What is the Diocese doing?

  • Running staff workshops led by Global Action Plan, to encourage more sustainable lifestyles.
  • Supporting Devon Christian Climate Change Coalition events, e.g. Hope Rising.
  • Linking local churches with Transition communities and Devon Climate Action Network. Find one near you.
  • Produced leaflets and posters on Environmental Do’s and Don’ts, and Gardening for God (with Devon Churches Green Action).

What are churches and schools doing?

Let us know what your church is doing, so we can add you to this list.