About Us

STF Loans is a well respected, top tier UK logbook loan provider that has since inception been at the forefront of helping UK individuals with a poor credit rating get approved for a logbook loan. We understand that every once in a while one might be in financial quagmire and in need of urgent cash but their credit score is an impediment. We therefore offer logbook loans without having to carry out credit checks. All we require from you is to simply meet the basic requirements of applying for a logbook loan and you are good to go.

Additionally, we have also made it our objective to enlighten individuals on what a logbook loan is, how to go about applying for a logbook loan, factors that individuals should consider prior to applying for a logbook loan as well as how to ensure you don’t bite more than you can chew when applying for logbook loans. In this regard, we have professional customer personnel that advice our customers and enlighten them on benefits as well as risks of applying for logbook loans.

Our website is a hub of information and we work around the clock to ensure that we accord our customers affordable logbook loan deals. We have since inception adhered to ethical business practices and continue to ascribe to the principle of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.