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We have over the years steadily climbed the ladders to become one of the most reliable logbook loan providers across the UK. We believe that no one should be denied an opportunity to avail a logbook loan simply because their credit status is in poor shape. In this regard, we offer our customers affordable logbook loans within the shortest time possible. At STF Loans, we strive to approve loans in record time and ensure that our customers are not only happy but also satisfied in every aspect.

What makes us unique?

At STF Loans, we do not discriminate you based on your credit score, color or creed. So long as you own a car and have attained the minimum age of 18 years and can prove you are a citizen of the UK, we can assure that your application for a logbook loan is as good as approved. Secondly, at STF Loans, we ascribe to the highest levels of professionalism and ensure that our customers feel valued, cared for and appreciated in every aspect. We have been in operation for a couple of years now and have maintained professionalism and excellent service delivery in every aspect of our business.

We believe that our customers are the reason for our success and therefore we do everything within our power to ensure that their expectations are met without compromising on service delivery. Our customer personnel are the best and have over the years been the reason why we have gradually scaled the ladders to become a top tier logbook loan provider in the UK. We believe in offering logbook loan products that are not only affordable but also approved within the shortest time possible.

What we require from you prior to approval of a logbook loan?

In order to ensure smooth application and approval process, we require that you furnish us with a number of documents prior to application. This is to ensure that we process your logbook loan application in the shortest time possible. When applying for a logbook loan with us, furnish us with a ministry of transport certificate, your car logbook, identification document, pay slips proving that you receive a regular income, as well as proof of address.

In an attempt to offer you the best services, we have partnered with Money advice to ensure that the financial decisions you make are sound and in your best interest. Indeed, we can say without any fear of contradiction that our logbook loans offer you a fast solution to your financial problemsa fast solution to your financial problems. To get reprieve and the needed financial solution, feel free to apply for our logbook loan products and we can assure you that it will be approved within the shortest period mostly within 24 hours.